YouTube is one of the biggest sources of entertainment. When we are bored, we usually start watching videos on various YouTube channels. Also, we are very well aware about how YouTube pays various bloggers who have their own channels on this platform where they upload their self-created videos. If you are a blogger or a vlogger maybe, you must know how to advertise the videos that you create on YouTube. It must be done properly so that your videos are watched by maximum viewers on YouTube. As the number of views increases, the number of likes and subscriptions increase gradually.

There are more than 1.8 billion users on YouTube every month and this platform is becoming the next social advertising giant after Facebook who is already having more than 2 billion users and viewers. Advertising your works on YouTube must be part of your marketing strategy and it can help you connect with millions of people. Also, this is one of the best ways by which you can sell your brand in the market.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. YouTube can be a great platform which can be used to connect with the rest of the world. According to reports and statistics, more than 40% of the customers switch to YouTube in order to check out the reviews of various products like gadgets, technology, apparels and other luxury brands. Especially, the “How to videos” is absolutely sensational now.

You can advertise on YouTube with the help of two types of ads. Those are TrueView ads and Bumper ads. These are the most commonly used methods in order to advertise on YouTube.

TrueView ads are also known as skippable video ads and these are the most engaging video ads on YouTube. In-stream ads which come under TrueView ads usually play at the beginning of the video or maybe in the middle of the video. You need to watch first five seconds of these ads and you can’t really skip those five seconds. This type of YouTube advertising is very popular and is very budget friendly too. Also, it is very less intrusive and doesn’t harm the viewer’s patience.

Bumper ads are viewed both Desktop YouTube as well as Mobile YouTube. These ads are also known as non-skippable ads and you need to watch the ad for first six seconds. The entire message of the ad is shown in those 6 seconds. These types of ads increase the engagement of the viewers and they are paid for on a CPM basis.

There are millions of users on YouTube who prefer spending their free time watching videos on this platform. Since there are so many viewers here, YouTube is the best platform one can use for advertising their brand. So, go for it.

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